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BMW 7 Series: Folding table in the rear

General information

There is a folding table in the center armrest of the rear console.

Safety information


A folded-out folding table protrudes into the car's interior and, in case of accident, braking or evasive maneuvers can cause injuries. Objects on the table can be thrown around the car's interior while driving. There is a risk of injury. Do not unfold or use folding table while driving.

Folding open the folding table

  1. Open the center armrest. Press the button for this purpose.

Folding open the folding table

  1. Grasp the folding table at the rear and fold forward in the center armrest.

Folding open the folding table

  1. Pull the folding table from the center armrest.
  2. Close the cover of the center armrest.
  3. Fold the folding table down and adjust as needed.

Folding open the folding table

Folding in the folding table

Proceed in reverse order to fold in the folding table.

Rear cooler

Safety information


The cover of the opened cooler protrudes into the car's interior. Injuries can occur in the event of an accident, braking or evasive maneuver.

The content of the cooler can be thrown into the car's interior and injure occupants. There is a risk of injury. Close the cooler after use when driving.


If the cooler is lying down, the oil from the compressor will spread through the cooling circuit.

There is a risk of damage to property. Place the cooler vertically for at least one hour prior to operation so that the oil can return into the compressor.


  1. Fold down the center armrest.

Center armrest rear

  1. Opening the through-loading system.

    Through-loading system

  2. Pull on the handle and fold the cover forward.

Rear cooler

Switching on

The cooler can be operated at two levels.

  1. Switch on standby state.
  2.   Press the button once for
    each cooling level.

The highest cooling power is active when two LEDs are lit.

If the cooler was switched on the last time standby state was switched off, it will be switched on automatically the next time standby state is switched on.

Switching off

Press the button repeatedly until the LEDs go out.


  1. Fold the cover away to the side.


  1. Pull on the rear handle.


  1. Pull cooler backward and remove it.
  2. Fold the cover back.


  1. Open the cover.


  1. Slide the cooler into the guide rail, until it stops.


  1. Fold the cover back and secure to cooler.




One of the LEDs flashes.

The cooler cannot be switched on or switches off, for instance when the cooling system overheats or if the battery voltage is low.

Rectifying the problem

  1. If necessary, allow the refrigerator cooling system to cool down.
  2. Start the engine.
  3. Switch on cooler.

If the LED flashes even after a short time, have the cooler checked.


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