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BMW 7 Series: Information On Replacing Shock Absorbers


When a shock absorber is faulty on one side (leaking, noises, limit values exceeded on the shock tester), often both shock absorbers on the axle in question are replaced.


This is not necessary for technical reasons and causes the manufacturer not to recognize the unnecessarily removed shock absorbers as defective parts. Unnecessarily high costs for the customer can be avoided by replacing the shock absorber on one side only.


If one shock absorber is damaged, it is only necessary to replace both shock absorbers when the car has driven in excess of 80 000 km.

Exception: On all M - GmbH models, when a limit value is exceeded on one side, it is still necessary always to replace both shock absorbers on the relevant axle.


Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Remove REAR WHEEL

Release screw (1).

Tightening torque 33 52 3AZ.

IMPORTANT: Secure spring strut shock absorber against falling out.

Remove spring strut shock absorber from wheel carrier and tie up.

Installation: Replace screw.

Shock Absorber
Fig. 137: Identifying Air Spring Strut Bolt

Disconnect plug connection (1) and remove from cable guide (2).

Shock Absorber
Fig. 138: Identifying Cable Guide And Connector

Fold back sound insulation (1) and release nuts (2).

Tightening torque 33 52 1AZ.

Installation: Replace self-locking nuts.

Shock Absorber
Fig. 139: Folding Acoustic Insulation Upwards

Press wheel carrier downwards, guide spring strut shock absorber downwards between guide arm and control arm and then remove in upwards direction.

Shock Absorber
Fig. 140: Removing Shock Absorber

IMPORTANT: Before tightening screw connection, check that spring strut shock absorber pin is correctly positioned in wheel carrier.


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