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BMW 7 Series: With Parking Assistant Plus: Surround View- Display on the Control Display


Display on the Control Display

  1. Function bar, left
  2. Camera image
  3. Side view
  4. Automatic camera perspective
  5. Movable unobstructed camera perspective
  6. Function bar, right
  7. Rearview camera
  8. Selection window

Function bar on the left

The left function bar can be used for the direct selection of various views via iDrive. Move the Controller to the left, if needed.

  • "Car wash".

  • "Parking": around the
  • "3D view": available

Side view

The side view can be selected for the right or left vehicle side.

This view helps when positioning the vehicle at the curb or with other obstacles on the side by displaying the side surroundings.

The side view looks from rear to front and in case of danger, focuses automatically on possible obstacles.

Automatic camera perspective

The automatic camera perspective shows a steering-dependent view in the respective driving direction.

This perspective adapts to the respective driving situation.

As soon as obstacles are detected, the view changes to a fixed display of the area in front or at the rear behind the bumper or, if necessary, changes to a side view.

When reverse gear is engaged, the automatic camera perspective is closed and the system uses a fixed perspective of the rearview camera.

If necessary, manually select the automatic camera perspective when reverse gear is engaged.

The automatic camera perspective will be retained for the current parking maneuver.

Movable unobstructed camera perspective

With selection of the movable camera perspective, a circle appears on the Control Display.

By turning the Controller or via touch function, specified perspectives on the circle can be selected.

The current perspective is marked with a camera symbol.

To leave the function, move the Controller sideways and select another camera function.

Function bar on the right

Assistance functions can be activated and settings can be entered via the right function bar via iDrive. Move the Controller to the right, if needed.

"Autom. Parking".

"Back-up Assistant".

"Camera image":

  • "Brightness".

  • "Contrast".

  • "Parking aid lines".

  • "Obstacle mark.".

  • "Settings": apply settings,
    for instance to use the activation points for Panorama View.

Rearview camera

This view shows the picture of the rearview camera.

Selection window

The individual camera perspectives can be selected in the selection window via iDrive.

Parking aid lines

Pathway lines

Pathway lines

Pathway lines help you to estimate the space required when parking and maneuvering on level roads.

Pathway lines depend on the steering angle and are continuously adjusted to the steering wheel movements.

Turning radius lines

Turning radius lines

Turning radius lines can only be superimposed on the camera image together with pathway lines.

Turning radius lines show the course of the smallest possible turning radius on a level road.

Only one turning radius line is displayed after the steering wheel is turned past a certain angle.

Parking using pathway and turning radius lines

  1. Position the vehicle so that the red turning radius line leads to within the limits of the parking space.
  2.  Turn the steering wheel to the point where the green pathway line covers the corresponding turning radius line.

Obstacle marking

Obstacle marking

Obstacles behind the vehicle are detected by the PDC Park Distance Control sensors.

Obstacle markings can be shown in the camera image.

The colored thresholds of the obstacle markings match the markings of the PDC Park Distance Control.

Car wash view

Car wash view

The car wash view assists when entering a car wash by displaying the floor and the vehicle's own track.

Side parking aid


The system warns of obstacles on the side of the vehicle.


Side parking aid

To protect the sides of the vehicle, obstacle markings are displayed on the sides of the vehicle.

  • No markings: no obstacles were detected.
  • Color markings: warning against detected obstacles.

Limits of the side parking aid

The system only displays stationary obstacles that were previously detected by sensors while passing them.

The system does not detect whether an obstacle moves later on. For this reason, at standstill, the markings are not shown anymore in the display after a certain time. The area next to the vehicle must be newly captured.

Door opening angle


If obstacle marking is activated, the system indicates fixed obstacles that obstruct the opening angles of the doors.

The system does not provide a warning of approaching traffic.

Door opening angle

The maximum opening angle of the doors is displayed in selector lever position P.

As soon as the vehicle begins moving, the opening angles are replaced by parking aid lines.

Limits of the display

The vehicle surroundings are displayed with distorted image for technical reasons.

Even if the symbols for the door opening angles do not cross other objects on the Control Display, the following needs to be noted when parking next to other objects: Because of the perspective, higher, protruding objects may be closer than they appear on the Control Display.


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