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BMW 7 Series: Widgets in the instrument cluster


Displays for specific functions can be displayed in the instrument cluster.

The following displays can be selected:

  • Current entertainment source, e.g., radio.
  • Torque and power.
  • Acceleration power, G meter.
  • Trip data.
  • Efficiency display.



Continue to press the button on the turn signal lever until the desired widget is selected.



Efficiency display


Information about driving style and consumption can be displayed in the form of a consumption display as a widget in the instrument cluster, for example.

General information

Depending on the activated driving mode, different information will be displayed:

Driving mode/ Display

COMFORT SPORT- Average consumption.

Current consumption.

Energy recovery.

ECO PRO - ECO PRO bonus range.

Distance traveled in Coasting mode.

Current consumption.

Average consumption

The average consumption indicates the fuel consumption when driving a specific route.

Current consumption

The current consumption displays the current consumption of fuel. Check whether you are currently driving in an efficient and environmentallyfriendly manner.

Energy recovery

During energy recovery, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into electric energy during coasting. The vehicle battery is partially charged and fuel consumption can be reduced.

ECO PRO bonus range

In the ECO PRO driving mode, the yielded extension of the range as a result of fuel-efficient driving is displayed as ECO PRO bonus range.


     Check Control

    Concept The Check Control system monitors functions in the vehicle and notifies you of malfunctions in the monitored systems. General information A Check Control message is displayed as a combination

     Indicator/warning lights

    Concept Indicator/warning lights in the instrument cluster display the status of some functions in the vehicle and indicate when a malfunction is present in the monitored systems. General information

     Indicator/warning lights- Yellow lights

    Steering and traffic jam assistant The indicator light lights up and an acoustic signal may sound: a system interruption is imminent. The indicator warning light flashes: lane marking driven over.


     Removing And Installing/Renewing Left Exhaust Manifold (N63)

    WARNING: Risk of burning! Only perform this repair work on an engine that has cooled down. Necessary preliminary work Remove left TURBOCHARGER. Remove right TURBOCHARGER. Remove ALTERNATOR (not F04). Release screws (1). Tightening torque 18 31 4AZ. Fig. 54: Identifying Screws Release screws (

     Service - Engine Oil (N63)

    WARNING: Risk of scalding! Carry out work on the vehicle only when wearing oil- and heat-resistant protective gloves incl. forearm protection, face guard and protective apron. IMPORTANT: Carry out the engine oil service only when the engine is at operating temperature. Observe the exact engine oil

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