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BMW 7 Series: Check Control


The Check Control system monitors functions in the vehicle and notifies you of malfunctions in the monitored systems.

General information

A Check Control message is displayed as a combination of indicator or warning lights and text messages in the instrument cluster and, if applicable, in the Head-up Display.

In addition, an acoustic signal may sound and a text message may appear on the Control Display.

Hiding Check Control messages

Hiding Check Control messages

Press the button on the turn signal lever.

Continuous display

Some Check Control messages are displayed continuously and are not cleared until the malfunction is eliminated. If several malfunctions occur at once, the messages are displayed consecutively.

The messages can be hidden for approx. 8 seconds.

After this time, they are displayed again automatically.

Temporary display

Some Check Control messages are hidden automatically after approx. 20 seconds. The Check Control messages are stored and can be displayed again later.

Displaying stored Check Control messages

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Vehicle status"
  3. "Check Control messages"

  4. Select the SMS text message.


Check Control

At least one Check Control
message is displayed or stored.

SMS text messages

SMS text messages in combination with a symbol in the instrument cluster explain a Check Control message and the meaning of the indicator/ warning lights.

Supplementary SMS text messages

Additional information, such as the reason for an error or malfunction or the required action, can be called up via Check Control.

With urgent messages the added text will be automatically displayed on the Control Display.

Depending on the Check Control message, further help can be selected.

  1. Via iDrive:
  2. "CAR"
  3. "Vehicle status"
  4. "Check Control messages"

  5. Select the desired text message.
  6. Select the desired setting.

Messages after trip completion

Certain messages displayed while driving are displayed again after drive-ready state is switched off.


     Indicator/warning lights

    Concept Indicator/warning lights in the instrument cluster display the status of some functions in the vehicle and indicate when a malfunction is present in the monitored systems. General information

     Indicator/warning lights- Yellow lights

    Steering and traffic jam assistant The indicator light lights up and an acoustic signal may sound: a system interruption is imminent. The indicator warning light flashes: lane marking driven over.

     Indicator/warning lights- Green lights

    Turn signal Turn signal switched on. Unusually rapid flashing of the indicator light indicates that a turn signal bulb has failed. Additional information: Turn signal Parking lights Parking lights a



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