BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Symbols and displays

Symbols in the Owner's Manual

Symbol Meaning

Precautions that must be followed
in order to avoid the possibility of injury to yourself and to others as well as serious damage to the vehicle.

Measures that can be taken to help
protect the environment.

Texts in vehicle used to select
individual functions.

Verbal instructions to use with
the voice activation system.

Responses generated by the voice
activation system.

Action steps

Action steps to be carried out are presented as a numbered list. The steps must be carried out in the defined order.

  1. First action step.
  2.  Second action step.


Enumerations without mandatory order or alternative possibilities are presented as a list with bullet points.

  • First possibility.
  • Second possibility.

Symbols on vehicle components

This symbol on a vehicle
component indicates that further information on the component is available in the Owner's Manual.

Vehicle features and options

This Owner's Manual describes all models and all standard, country-specific and optional equipment that is offered in the model series. Therefore, this Owner's Manual also describes and illustrates features and functions that are not available in a vehicle, for example because of the selected optional features or the country-specific version.

This also applies to safety-related functions and systems.

When using these functions and systems, the applicable laws and regulations must be observed.

For any options and equipment not described in this Owner's Manual, refer to the Supplementary Owner's Manuals.

Your BMW service center is happy to answer any questions that you may have about the features and options applicable to your vehicle.

Status of the Owner's Manual

Basic information

The manufacturer of your vehicle pursues a policy of constant development that is conceived to ensure that our vehicles continue to embody the highest quality and safety standards. In rare cases, therefore, the features described in this Owner's Manual may differ from those in your vehicle.

Validity of the Owner's Manual

Production of the vehicle

At the time of production at the plant, the printed Owner's Manual is the most current resource.

Due to updates after the editorial deadline, differences may exist between the printed Owner's Manual and the Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle.

Notes on updates can be found in the appendix of the printed Owner's Manual for the vehicle.

After a software update in the vehicle

After a vehicle software update - such as, a Remote Software Upgrade - the Integrated Owner's Manual for the vehicle will contain the latest information.


     For Your Own Safety

    Intended use Heed the following when using the vehicle: Owner's Manual. Information on the vehicle. Do not remove stickers. Technical vehicle data. The traffic, speed, and safety laws where the

     Maintenance and repairs

    Advanced technology, for instance the use of modern materials and high-performance elecelectronics, requires suitable maintenance and repair work. The manufacturer of the vehicle recommends that you

     Service and warranty

    We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly. Your vehicle is covered by the following warranties: New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Rust Perforation Limited Warranty. Federal Emissions Syst


     Replacing Engine Support/Front Left Side Frame Connection (Front Left Wheel Arch Removed)

    Observe procedure for REPAIR STAGE 3. Read contents of BODY, GENERAL. To remove engine support side frame connection Following new body parts are required: Connection, wheel arch/entrance Fig. 121: Identifying Connection, Wheel Arch/Entrance Open welded connections in areas (1). Fig. 122: Iden

     Technical Information

    Not only does the Universal Bluetooth Hands-Free System offer a means to wirelessly integrate a mobile phone into the vehicle, it also can be diagnosed using the DISplus or GT1. The control module should always be coded to the specific vehicle that it is installed into to ensure optimum system pe

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