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Initialization of the slide/tilt sunroof involves the following procedures that are necessary to ensure complete functionality of the slide/tilt sunroof:

  • Normalization
    Normalization means locating the mechanical end position at the stop for the tilt position. This position is stored and is used in calculating the remaining end positions for the slide/tilt sunroof.
  • Learning the characteristic curve
    The learning procedure registers the closing force necessary for each direction of the slide/tilt sunroof and stores this value.

Complete functionality of the slide/tilt sunroof can be guaranteed only by full initialization.

The initialization procedure can be initiated with the button for the slide/tilt sunroof or via the diagnosis system.

Initialization with the Button

Initialization is performed as follows:

  • Press and hold control button in slide/tilt sunroof Tilt direction
    The glass panel moves into the tilt position and the sunroof shade into the ventilation position
  • After approximately 15 seconds the initialization run starts in the tilt direction and stores the end position
  • The slide/tilt sunroof is closed after 5 seconds in the Tilt position
  • The slide/tilt sunroof is then opened and the end position stored.

NOTE: The control button must remain pressed during the entire initialization procedure. The initialization procedure must be repeated if the button is released.

Initialization takes approximately 120 seconds.

Interruption in Power Supply

An interruption in the power supply does not require a new normalization. The initialization is invalidated if the power supply is interrupted during the initialization. A new initialization will then be necessary.

Clearing the initialization

Initialization is cleared under the following circumstances:

  • Failure of the power supply during initialization
  • Hall sensor fault detected
  • Position implausible
  • Certain calls in the diagnostics
  • Changed vehicle coding
  • Coding data faulty.


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