BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Roller sunblinds, rear side windows

General information

The safety switch in the driver's door can be used to prevent children, for instance from operating the roller sunblinds using the switches in the rear.

Additional information: Safety switch


Roller sunblinds, rear side windows

Buttons for the roller sunblinds


Press the button to open the
closed roller sunblind or to close the open roller sunblind.

If the button is pressed again during the movement, the roller sunblind is moved in the opposite direction.

BMW Touch Command

The roller sunblinds can also be operated using BMW Touch Command.

System limits

If you are no longer able to move the roller sunblinds after having activated them consecutively a number of times, the overheating protection mechanism is active. The system is blocked for a limited time to prevent overheating. Let the system cool.

The roller sunblinds cannot be moved at low interior temperatures.

Glass sunroof

General information

The glass sunroof and the sun protection are operated using the same switch.

Depending on equipment: The rear sun protection is operated using separate buttons.

The glass sunroof can be opened from the outside with the vehicle key and also closed with Comfort Access.

With Comfort Access: The glass sunroof can be closed from the outside via Comfort Access.

Safety information


Body parts can be jammed when operating the glass sunroof. There is a risk of injury. Make sure that the area of movement of the glass sunroof is clear during opening and closing.


Safety information

  1. Opening/closing the glass sunroof/ front sun protection.
  2. Depending on the vehicle equipment: close the rear sun protection.
  3. Depending on the vehicle equipment: open the rear sun protection.


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