BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Owner's Manual media

Vehicle features and options

Every standard, nation-specific, and optional feature available with the series is covered in this chapter.

Additionally, it highlights features and functions that might not be present in your car because of things like country versions or options you have chosen.

This also holds true for systems and operations connected to safety.

The relevant laws and regulations must be followed when using these features and systems.

General information

Media at a glance

You can use various media formats to call up the content in the Owner's Manual. The following Owner's Manual media formats are available:

  • Printed Owner's Manual.
  • Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle.

Validity of the Owner's Manual

Production of the vehicle

At the time of production at the plant, the printed Owner's Manual is the most current resource.

Due to updates after the editorial deadline, differences may exist between the printed Owner's Manual and the Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle.

Notes on updates can be found in the appendix of the printed Owner's Manual for the vehicle.

After a software update in the vehicle

After a vehicle software update - such as, a Remote Software Upgrade - the Integrated Owner's Manual for the vehicle will contain the latest information.

Printed Owner's Manual


The printed Owner's Manual describes all standard, country-specific, and optional features offered with the series.

General information

The Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment, and Communication can be obtained as a printed book from the service center.

Supplementary Owner's Manuals

Also follow the Supplementary Owner's Manuals, which are included in addition to the onboard literature.

Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle


The Integrated Owner's Manual specifically describes features and functions found in the vehicle.

The Integrated Owner's Manual can be displayed on the Control Display.

Selecting the Owner's Manual

  1. Press the button.

  2. "CAR"
  3. "Owner's Manual"
  4.  Select the desired method of accessing the contents.

Scrolling through the Owner's Manual

Turn the Controller, until the next or previous contents are displayed.

Context help

General information

The Integrated Owner's Manual can be accessed from any menu. Depending on the selected function, either the associated description or the main menu of the Integrated Owner's Manual will be displayed.

Opening via iDrive

Change directly to the Options menu from the function on the Control Display:

  1. Press the button.

  2.  "Help"

Opening when a Check Control message is displayed

Directly from the Check Control message on the Control Display:

"Owner's Manual"


Programmable memory buttons

General information

The entry points into the Owner's Manual can be stored on the programmable memory buttons and called up directly.


  1. Select the desired entry point via iDrive:
  • "Keyword search"
  • "Picture search"
  • "Operating tips"
  • "Quick reference"
  • "Topics"
  • "Quick link"
  1. Press and hold the desired
    button until the displayed bar on the Control Display has loaded completely.


Press the corresponding button.


The owner's manual is directly displayed at the selected entry point.


     Quick reference

    A summary of the most important details and tasks for driving the car can be found in this section. It covers critical topics including getting inside the car, turning on the engine, adjusting the mir


     Opening and closing

    Buttons on the vehicle key Unlocking Locking Opening the trunk lid Press and hold or press three times in quick succession: panic mode Press briefly: pathway lighting Unlocking the vehicle P


     Stabilizer Bar

    REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING ANTI-ROLL BAR LINK (STABILIZER LINK) FOR LEFT/RIGHT STABILIZER IMPORTANT: Observe SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS for raising the vehicle Unscrew nuts (1). Remove anti-roll bar link (2). Installation note: Replace self-locking nut. Tightening torque 31 35 2AZ. Fig. 79: Iden

     Active Protection

    Concept Active Protection prepares occupants and the vehicle for a possible accident in critical driving or collision situations. General information Active Protection consists of various PreCrash functions, which can vary depending on the equipment. The system is used to detect certain critical dr

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