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BMW 7 Series: Integrated Universal Remote Control- Reprogramming individual buttons

  1. Switch on standby state.
  2.  Press and hold the interior mirror button to be programmed.
  3. As soon as the LED on the interior mirror flashes orange after approx. 20 seconds, release the button.
  4. Hold the hand-held transmitter for the system to be used approx. 1 to 12 in/2.5 to 30 cm away from the buttons on the interior mirror.

    The required distance depends on the handheld transmitter.

  5. Press and hold the button of the desired function on the hand-held transmitter.

    Canada: if programming with the hand-held transmitter was interrupted, hold down the interior mirror button and repeatedly press and release the hand-held transmitter button for 2 seconds.

  6. The LED can light up in different ways.
  • The LED lights up green: the programming procedure is completed.

    Release the button.

  • The LED flashes fast: the hand-held transmitter was detected but programming is not complete.

    Press the button on the interior mirror for 2 seconds and release. Perform this procedure three times to complete the programming procedure.

    If the integrated universal remote control remains nonoperational, continue with the special features for change code wireless systems.

  • LED does not flash green after 60 seconds: programming not completed.

    Repeat steps 3 to 6.

If the programming procedure is not completed, the previous programming will remain unchanged.



The operation of remote-controlled systems with the integrated universal remote control, such as the garage door, may result in injury, for example, body parts becoming jammed in a garage door. There is a risk of injury or risk of damage to property. Make sure that the area of movement of the respective system is clear during programming and operation. Also follow the safety information of the hand-held transmitter.

The system, such as the garage door, can be operated using the button on the interior mirror while the drive-ready or standby state is switched on. To do this, hold down the button within receiving range of the system until the function is activated. The interior mirror LED stays lit while the wireless signal is being transmitted.

Deleting stored functions

All stored functions will be deleted. The functions cannot be deleted individually.

Press and hold the two outer buttons on the interior mirror simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds until the LED on the interior mirror flashes green rapidly.

Sun visor

Glare shield

Fold the sun visor down or up.

Glare shield from the side

Folding out

  1. Fold the sun visor down.
  2. Unhook it from the holder and swing it to the side.
  3. Move it back to the desired position.

Folding up

Proceed in the reverse order to close the sun visor.

Vanity mirror

A vanity mirror is located in the sun visor behind a cover. When the cover is opened, the mirror lighting switches on.



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