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BMW 7 Series: High-beam Assistant


The high-beam Assistant detects other traffic participants early on and automatically switches the high beams on or off depending on the traffic situation.

General information

The high-beam Assistant ensures that the high beams are switched on, whenever the traffic situation allows. In the low speed range, the high beams are not switched on by the system.

The system responds to light from oncoming traffic and traffic driving ahead of you, and to ambient lighting, for instance in towns and cities.

The high beams can be switched on and off manually at any time.



Position of switch:
Press the button on the turn signal lever.

The indicator light in the
instrument cluster is illuminated when the low beams are switched on.

The headlights are automatically switched between low beams and high beams.

The blue indicator light in the
instrument cluster lights up when the system switches on the high beams.

The high-beam Assistant is deactivated when manually switching the high beams on and off.

To reactivate the high-beam Assistant, press the button on the turn signal lever.



Press the button on the turn signal lever.

Sensitivity of the high-beam Assistant

General information

The sensitivity of the high-beam Assistant can be adjusted.

Safety information


If adjustments have been made or the sensitivity has been modified, oncoming traffic may be momentarily blinded. There is a risk of accident.

If adjustments have been made and the sensitivity has been modified, make sure that oncoming traffic is not momentarily blinded.

Switch off the high beams manually if required.

Functional requirements

The setting can only be performed when the vehicle is stationary. The drive-ready state must be switched on and the light must be turned off.

Adjusting the sensitivity

Push the turn signal lever to the front for approximately 10 seconds. The system responds more sensitively.

A Check Control message is displayed.

Resetting the sensitivity

Push the turn signal lever to the front again for approx. 10 seconds or switch off the drive-ready state.

The sensitivity of the high-beam Assistant is reset to the factory settings.

System limits

The high-beam Assistant cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment of when to use the high beams. In situation that require this, therefore switch off manually.

The system is not fully functional in the following situations, and driver intervention may be necessary:

  • In very unfavorable weather conditions, such as fog or heavy precipitation.
  • When detecting poorly-lit road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, horseback riders and wagons; when driving close to train or ship traffic; or at animal crossings.
  • In tight curves, on hilltops or in depressions, in crossing traffic or half-obscured oncoming traffic on highways.
  • In poorly-lit towns and cities or in the presence of highly reflective signs.
  • When the windshield in front of the interior mirror is fogged over, dirty or covered with stickers, etc.


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