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BMW 7 Series: Driver profiles


Driver profiles can be created to store personal vehicle settings. If the vehicle is used by multiple drivers, each driver can create his personal driver profile. When a driver profile is selected, the vehicle will automatically apply the stored settings in the driver profile.

General information

Three personal driver profiles can be created.

In addition, a guest profile is available that can be selected by any driver. The guest profile is active when a personal driver profile has not been selected.

Changes to the vehicle settings are automatically stored in the active driver profile or in the guest profile.

The recognition via a vehicle key can be assigned to a driver profile so that the vehicle will apply the settings as soon as the driver unlocks the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle recognizes the vehicle key, the corresponding driver profile will be activated.

ConnectedDrive countries: The settings stored in the driver's profile can be synchronized with the personal BMW ConnectedDrive account. It is thereby possible to use these settings in other BMW vehicles as well.

Functional requirements

When switching the driver profile, the vehicle must move at a maximum of walking speed.

Welcome screen

After the Control Display is switched on, the Welcome screen will be displayed.

The following actions can be carried out on the Welcome screen:

  • Switching the driver profile.
  • Starting the set-up assistant.

This option is offered in new vehicle for a limited period of time.

As soon as the engine is started or any button is pressed, the Welcome screen will be hidden.

Setup assistant

The setup assistant is offered in new vehicles for a limited period of time on the Welcome screen to configure the most important settings for the vehicle.

"Getting started" Select to start the set-up assistant.

The set-up assistant can be started via iDrive at any time.

  1. "CAR"
  2.  "Settings"
  3. "General settings"
  4. "Getting started"

The driver is guided step by step through the following functions:

  • Setting the system language.
  • ConnectedDrive countries: If the set-up assistant was opened in the guest profile: create driver profile.
  • Pairing mobile devices with the vehicle.
  • If the set-up assistant was opened from an already defined driver profile: set up personal assistant.
  • Depending on whether the set-up assistant was opened from an already defined driver profile or a guest profile: set up services or confirm the explanation for the transmission of vehicle related data.
  • Set up other methods for use.

The selected settings are stored in the active driver's profile.


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