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BMW 7 Series: BMW Accident Assistance


BMW Group Accident Assistance can be contacted if assistance is needed in the event of an accident.

General information

If the vehicle sensors detect a minor to moderately severe accident, which did not trigger any airbags, a Check Control message appears on the instrument cluster. In addition, a text message appears on the Control Display.

When BMW Accident Assistance is activated, data on the vehicle's condition is sent to BMW.

Functional requirements

  • Active ConnectedDrive contract, equipment with intelligent emergency call or BMW ConnectedDrive services.
  • Cellular network reception.
  • Standby state is switched on.

Starting BMW Accident Assistance

If an accident is detected automatically

A text message relating to BMW Accident Assistance appears on the Control Display.

The connection can be established directly: "Call BMW Accident Assistance" The Check Control message for BMW Accident Assistance can also be called up from the stored Check Control messages for a certain length of time.

Additional information: Check Control

Starting manually

BMW Accident Assistance can also be contacted independently of the automatic accident detection function.

Via iDrive:

  1. "APPS"
  2.  "Installed apps"
  3. "BMW Assist"
  4.  "BMW Accident Assistance"

Follow the displays on the Control Display. A voice connection is established.

Emergency Request

Intelligent emergency call


In case of an emergency, an Emergency Request can be triggered automatically by the system or manually.

General information

Only press the SOS button in an emergency.

The Intelligent Assist system establishes a connection with the BMW Response Center.

For technical reasons, the Emergency Request cannot be guaranteed under unfavorable conditions.



SOS button.

Functional requirements

  • Standby state is switched on.
  • The Assist system is functional.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with intelligent emergency call: the SIM card integrated in the vehicle has been activated.

Automatic triggering

Under certain conditions, for instance if the airbags trigger, an Emergency Request is automatically initiated immediately after an accident of corresponding severity. Automatic Collision Notification is not affected by pressing the SOS button.

Manual triggering

  1. Tap the cover.
  2.  Press and hold the SOS button until the LED in the area of the button illuminates green.
  • The LED is illuminated green when an Emergency Request has been initiated.

    If a cancel prompt appears on the Control Display, the Emergency Request can be aborted.

If the situation allows, wait in your vehicle until the voice connection has been established.

  • The LED flashes green when a connection to the BMW Response Center has been established.

    The BMW Response Center then makes contact with the occupants of the vehicle and initiates further steps to help.

    Even if you are unable to respond, the BMW Response Center can take further steps to help you under certain circumstances.

    For this purpose, data that serves to determine the necessary rescue measures, for instance the current position of the vehicle when it can be determined, is transmitted to the BMW Response Center.

    Even if the BMW Response Center is no longer heard through the loudspeakers, the BMW Response Center may still be able to hear the occupants of the vehicle.

The BMW Response Center ends the Emergency Request.



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