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BMW 7 Series: Automatic climate control


Buttons in the vehicle

Buttons in the vehicle

Climate control functions

Button /Function


Climate control operation.

Maximum cooling.

AUTO program.

Recirculated-air mode.

Air flow, manual.

Intensity AUTO program.

Air distribution, manual.

SYNC program.

Defrost and defog window.

Rear window defroster.

Active seat ventilation

Seat heating

Seat and armrest heating

Ambient air package

Some of the functions can also be used via voice, e.g., temperature.

Switching on/off

Switching on

Press any button except for the following:

  • Rear window defroster.
  • Left side of air flow button.
  • SYNC program.
  • Seat heating.
  • Seat ventilation.

Switching off

  • Complete system:

Press and hold the left button
on the driver's side until the control panel switches off.

  • On the front passenger side:

Press and hold the left button
on the front passenger side.



The automatic climate control achieves the set temperature as quickly as possible, if needed, by using the maximum cooling or heating capacity, and then keeps it constant.


Turn the wheel to set the
desired temperature.

Do not rapidly switch between different temperature settings. Otherwise, the automatic climate control will not have sufficient time to adjust the set temperature.

Temperature of the ventilation

General information

The temperature of the ventilation in the upper body region can be adjusted.

The temperature is individually adjusted, e.g.

colder toward blue, warmer toward red.

The air flow of the ventilation in the upper body region heats or cools noticeably, depending on the adjusted temperature.

This does not change the set interior temperature for the driver and front passenger.


Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Settings"
  3. "Climate control"
  4. "Temperature adjustment"
  5. Set the desired temperature:
  • Toward blue: colder.
  • Toward red: warmer.


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