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BMW 7 Series: USB connection

General information

The following mobile devices can be connected to the USB port:

  • Mobile phones.
  • Audio devices such as MP3 players.
  • USB storage devices.

Common file systems are supported. FAT32 and exFAT are the recommended formats.

A connected USB storage device will be supplied with charge current via the USB port if the device supports this. Follow the maximum charge current of the USB port.

The following uses are possible on USB ports with data transfer:

  • Playing music files.
  • Playing videos.

Follow the following when connecting:

  • Do not use force when plugging the connector into the USB port.
  • Use a flexible adapter cable.
  • Protect the USB storage device against mechanical damage.
  • Due to the large number of USB storage devices available on the market, it cannot be guaranteed that every device is operable on the vehicle.
  • Do not expose USB storage devices to extreme environmental conditions, such as very high temperatures; refer to the owner's manual of the device.
  • Due to the many different compression techniques, proper playback of the media stored on the USB storage device cannot be guaranteed in all cases.
  • To ensure proper transmission of the stored data, do not charge a USB storage device via the onboard socket, when it is connected to the USB port.
  • Depending on how the USB storage device is being used, settings may be required on the USB storage device, refer to the owner's manual of the device.

Not compatible USB media:

  • USB hard drives.
  • USB hubs.
  • USB memory card readers with multiple slots.
  • HFS-formatted USB storage devices.
  •  Devices such as fans or lamps.

Functional requirement

Compatible device with USB port.

Additional information: Compatible devices

Connecting the device

Connect the USB device using a suitable adapter cable to a USB port.

The USB device is displayed in the device list.

Additional information: USB port

WiFi hotspot


Compatible devices with WLAN interface can use the Internet connection of the vehicle via the WiFi hotspot.

General information

Up to 10 devices can be connected to the WiFi hotspot simultaneously.

Functional requirements

  • Compatible device with activated WLAN interface.

    Compatible devices

  • WLAN is activated on the vehicle.
  • Internet use is activated for the vehicle.
  • Registration and data contract with a service provider where required.
  • Standby state is switched on.

Connecting a device to the Internet via the WiFi hotspot

Using the Internet for the first time via the WiFi hotspot requires registration and possibly a data volume purchase from a service provider.

Depending on the country version, data volume can be purchased via the connected mobile device or from the ConnectedDrive Store.

Via iDrive:

  1. "COM"
  2. "Mobile devices"
  3. Move the Controller to the right.
  4.  "New device"
  5. "Internet, apps" Hotspot name and hotspot code are displayed on the Control Display.
  6. Activate Internet usage via WLAN if necessary.

    "Open settings"

  7.  Activate Internet usage.

    "Internet connection"

  8.  Move the Controller to the left.
  9.  Search for WLAN networks on the mobile device.

    Select network name on the device.

  10. Enter hotspot code on the device and connect.

The device is displayed in the device list.

Additionally, a QR code will be displayed on the Control Display. Alternatively, this QR code can be used to pair the mobile device with the hotspot.

All devices connected via the hotspot use this data volume.

Deactivating Internet usage via the WiFi hotspot

Internet usage may be deactivated if the data volume is used up, for instance.

Via iDrive:

  1. "COM"
  2. "Mobile devices"
  3.  Move the Controller to the right.
  4.  "Settings"
  5.  "Internet connection"
  6.  Select the desired setting.


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