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BMW 7 Series: Speed Limit Info

Speed Limit Info


Speed Limit Info shows the currently valid speed limit in the instrument cluster and, if necessary, the Head-up Display.

General information

The camera in the area of the interior mirror detects traffic signs at the edge of the road as well as overhead sign posts.

Traffic signs with extra symbols are considered and compared with the vehicle's onboard data.

The traffic sign will then be either displayed or ignored depending on the situation in the instrument cluster and the Head-up Display.

The system takes into account any information that is stored in the navigation system and also displays speed limits present on routes without signs.

Safety information


The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment in assessing visibility and traffic situation. There is a risk of accident.

Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.




The camera is installed near the interior mirror.

Keep the windshield in front of the interior mirror clean and clear.

Displaying Speed Limit Info

General information

Depending on the vehicle equipment, Speed Limit Info is displayed permanently in the instrument cluster or via iDrive.


  1. Via iDrive:
  2. "CAR"
  3.  "Settings"
  4. "Driver Assistance"
  5. If necessary, "Driving"
  6.  "Speed Limit Assistance"
  7.  "Speed limits"
  8. "Show current limit"


Speed Limit Info

Current speed limit.

Depending on the equipment,
Speed Limit Info not available.

If the detected speed limit has been exceeded, the indicator light will flash.


Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Settings"
  3.  "Driver Assistance"
  4.  If necessary, "Driving"
  5. "Speed Limit Assistance"
  6.  Select the desired setting:
  • "Warn when speeding": activate/deactivate the flashing of the Speed Limit Info display in the instrument cluster and, where applicable, the Head-up Display when the currently valid speed limit is exceeded.

    The warning that is issued when a speed limit is exceeded may depend on the Speed Limit Assist settings.

  • "Excess speed display": the speed limit that is detected by the Speed Limit Info is displayed with a marking in the speedometer in the instrument cluster.

System limits

The system may not be fully functional and may provide incorrect information in the following situations:

  • In heavy fog, wet conditions, or snowfall.
  • When traffic signs are fully or partially concealed by objects, stickers or paint.
  • When driving very close to the vehicle in front of you.
  • When driving toward bright lights or strong reflections.
  • When the windshield in front of the interior mirror is fogged over, dirty or covered by a sticker, etc.
  • If the camera has overheated and been temporarily switched off due to excessively high temperatures.
  • In the event of incorrect detection by the camera.
  • If the speed limits or road data stored in the navigation system are incorrect.
  • If the speed limits vary with the time of day and the day of the week.
  • In areas not covered by the navigation system.
  • When roads differ from the navigation, such as due to changes in road routing.
  • In case of electronic traffic signs.
  • When passing buses or trucks with traffic signs applied to them.
  • If the traffic signs are non-conforming.
  • When traffic signs that are valid for a parallel road are detected.
  • In the presence of country-specific signs and road configurations.
  • During calibration of the camera immediately after vehicle delivery.

Selection lists


Lists can be displayed and, if necessary, used for certain functions in the instrument cluster or the Head-up Display.

  • Entertainment source.
  • Current audio source.
  • List of most recent telephone calls.

If necessary, the corresponding menu will open on the Control Display.



Depending on the equipment version, the list in the instrument cluster may differ from the illustration.

Displaying and using the list

Button / Function

Change the entertainment

Pressing the button again will close the currently displayed list.

Show list of most recent
telephone calls.

Turn the thumbwheel to select
the desired setting.

Press the thumbwheel to confirm the setting.

The currently selected list can be displayed in the instrument cluster by turning the thumbwheel.


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