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BMW 7 Series: Socket for OBD Onboard Diagnosis

General information

Devices connected to the OBD socket trigger the alarm system when the vehicle is locked. Remove any devices connected at the OBD socket before locking the vehicle.

Safety information


The socket for Onboard Diagnosis is an intricate component intended to be used in conjunction with specialized equipment to check the vehicle's primary emissions system. Improper use of the socket for Onboard Diagnosis, or contact with the socket for Onboard Diagnosis for other than its intended purpose, can cause vehicle malfunctions and creates risks of personal and property damage. Given the foregoing, the manufacture of your vehicle strongly recommends that access to the socket for Onboard Diagnosis be limited to a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop or other persons that have the specialized training and equipment for purposes of properly utilizing the socket for Onboard Diagnosis.



There is an OBD socket on the driver's side for checking the primary components in the vehicle's emissions.


The warning light lights up:
Emissions are deteriorating. Have the vehicle checked as soon as possible.

The warning light flashes under certain circumstances: This indicates that there is excessive misfiring in the engine.

Reduce the vehicle speed and have the system checked immediately; otherwise, serious engine misfiring within a brief period can seriously damage emission control components, in particular the catalytic converter.


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