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BMW 7 Series: Replacing Rubber Mount In Left Or Right Trailing Link


IMPORTANT: Rubber mount may only be renewed once!

Necessary preliminary tasks

  • Check ball joints of tension links while installed, replace TRAILING LINK if necessary

IMPORTANT: If the trailing link already features an identification mark with a center punch, it is necessary to replace the trailing link.

Mark trailing link with a punch mark in area (A).

Struts W. Rubber Mounts
Fig. 47: Identifying Punch Mark On Tension Strut

Using a press and special tools 33 3 322 and 31 3 032, press rubber mount out of tension strut.

NOTE: Special tool 33 3 322 must be exactly flush with rubber mount bush.

Struts W. Rubber Mounts
Fig. 48: Pressing Rubber Mount Out Of Tension Strut Using Press And Special Tools (33 3 322, 31 3 032)

Installation: Keep rubber mount and bushing in tension strut clean and free from grease.

Align rubber mount using notch to marking on tension strut and press in.

Struts W. Rubber Mounts
Fig. 49: Locating Rubber Mount Alignment Position


  • Protrusion (A) equally large.

Struts W. Rubber Mounts
Fig. 50: Identifying Profusion


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