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BMW 7 Series: PDC Park Distance Control


PDC is a support when parking. Objects that you are approaching slowly in front of or behind the vehicle are indicated by signal tones and a display on the Control Display.

Depending on the equipment version: obstacles at the side of the vehicle that are detected by the side ultrasonic sensors may also be reported by the side parking aid.

General information

The ultrasound sensors for distance measurements are located in the bumpers and possibly on the sides of the vehicle.

The range, depending on obstacles and environmental conditions, is approx. 6 ft/2 m.

An acoustic warning sounds in case of an impending collision at a distance to the object of approx. 27 in/70 cm.

For objects behind the vehicle, the acoustic warning is already issued at a distance to the object of approx. 5 ft/1.50 m.

Safety information


The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment in assessing the traffic conditions. Based on the limits of the system, it cannot independently react to all traffic situations. There is a risk of accident. Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.


Due to high speeds when PDC Park Distance Control is activated, the warning can be delayed due to physical circumstances. There is a risk of injury or risk of damage to property.

Avoid approaching an object too fast. Avoid driving off fast while PDC Park Distance Control is not yet active.


Button in the vehicle

Button in the vehicle

Park assistance button

Ultrasound sensors

Ultrasound sensors of the PDC,
for instance in the bumpers.

Functional requirements

Ensure full functionality:

  • Do not cover sensors, for instance with stickers, bicycle racks or similar.
  • Keep the sensors clean and free of ice.

Switching on/off

Switching on automatically

The system switches on automatically in the following situations:

  • If selector lever position R is engaged when the engine is running.
  • Depending on the equipment version: while approaching detected obstacles if the speed is slower than approx. 2.5 mph/4 km/h. The activation distance depends on the situation in question.

You may switch automatic activation when obstacles are detected on and off.

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Settings"
  3. "Driver Assistance"
  4. "Parking and maneuvering"
  5.  If necessary, "Automatic PDC activation"
  6.  "Automatic PDC activation"

The setting is stored for the driver profile currently used.

Depending on equipment, an additional camera view is also switched on.

Automatic deactivation during forward travel

The system switches off when a certain driving distance or speed is exceeded.

Switch the system back on, if needed.

Switching on/off manually

Press the park assistance button.

  • On: the LED lights up.
  • Off: the LED goes out.

The rearview camera image is displayed if the reverse gear is engaged when pressing the park assistance button.

Depending on the equipment version, the system cannot be switched off manually if the reverse gear is engaged.


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