BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals
BMW 7 Series (G11/G12) 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Controls / Operating state of the vehicle

BMW 7 Series: Operating state of the vehicle


 General information

Vehicle features and options This chapter describes all standard, country-specific and optional features offered with the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily ava

 Standby state

Concept When standby state is switched on, most functions can be used while the vehicle is stationary. Desired settings can be adjusted. General information The vehicle is in the standby state after



 Voice activation system- Possible commands

General information Most contents on the Control Display can be spoken as commands, e.g. menu items or list entries. Speak these list entries out loud exactly as they are shown in the list. Say the commands and numbers with normal volume, emphasis, and speed. The status of the voice recognition i


The BMW Night Vision 2 system provides the driver with a black-and-white image of the driving environment ahead of the vehicle in the control display CD or central information display CID. BMW Night Vision 2 is a passive system without active infrared illumination. Objects situated ahead of the

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