BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Introduction

Outside Mirrors

For the F01/F02, there is only one variant of the outside mirrors. The outside mirrors can be electrically adjusted as standard. The outside mirrors are equipped with a mirror heating system.

Optional Interior and exterior mirrors with automatic anti-dazzle function (electrochromic) can be ordered as an optional extra. This option requires the interior rear-view mirror with automatic anti-dazzle function.

The outside mirrors with memory function are connected via the LIN-bus and additionally feature the following functions:

  • Outside mirror fold-in
  • Electrochromic outside mirrors
  • Electrical seat adjustment with memory

Exterior Rear View Mirrors
Fig. 87: Identifying Electrochromic Outside Mirrors


     System Overview

    Input/output - Outside Mirrors Fig. 88: Outside Mirrors Input/Output System Diagram COMPONENTS DESCRIPTION CHART Instrument cluster Footwell module FRM Outside temperature sensor Junction box el


    Overview The following outside mirror functions are possible depending on the vehicle equipment: Mirror adjustment in up/down and left/right directions Mirror heating Mirror fold-in Electrochrom

     System Components

    Overview The following components are installed in the F01/F02 for the purpose of operating the outside mirrors: Driver's door switch cluster with Outside mirror adjustment switch Outside mirro


     Electromechanical Parking Brake (EMF)

    General details The electromechanical parking brake (EMF) is applied/released by means of the parking brake button on the center console control panel. The parking brake status is indicated by the function indicator lamp on the button and an indicator lamp on the instrument cluster. Fig. 78: Inst

     Tire pressure monitor- System limits

    Temperature The tire inflation pressure depends on the tire's temperature. Driving or exposure to the sun will increase the tire's temperature, thus increasing the tire inflation pressure. The tire inflation pressure is reduced when the tire temperature falls again. These circumstances may cause

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