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BMW 7 Series: System Overview

Input/output - Outside Mirrors

Exterior Rear View Mirrors
Fig. 88: Outside Mirrors Input/Output System Diagram


  1. Instrument cluster
  2. Footwell module FRM
  3. Outside temperature sensor
  4. Junction box electronics JB
  5. Outside mirror, passenger's side
  6. Mirror adjustment switch in driver's door switch cluster SBFA
  7. Outside mirror, driver's side

K-CAN2 - Body CAN 2

Instrument cluster (1) records the outside temperature and makes this information available to the vehicle electrical system.

Junction box electronics (4) supply the outside mirror heating. The outside mirrors (5 + 6) can be adjusted with the mirror adjustment switch in the driver's door switch cluster (6).

System Circuit Diagram - Outside Mirror High

Exterior Rear View Mirrors
Fig. 89: Outside Mirror High System Circuit Diagram


  1. Central gateway module (ZGM)
  2. Car Access System (CAS)
  3. Outside temperature sensor
  4. Junction box electronics (JB)
  5. Outside mirror heating, passenger's side
  6. Motor for folding mirror function, passenger's side
  7. Memory, outside mirror potentiometer, passenger's side
  8. Electrochromic outside mirror, passenger's side
  9. Actuator motor for passenger's side outside mirror
  10. Driver's door switch cluster (SBFA) with mirror selector switch
  11. Driver's door switch cluster (SBFA) with mirror adjustment switch
  12. Driver's door switch cluster (SBFA)
  13. Actuator motor for driver's outside mirror
  14. Electrochromic outside mirror, driver's side
  15. Memory, outside mirror potentiometer, driver's side
  16. Motor for folding mirror function, driver's side
  17. Outside mirror heating, driver's side
  18. Footwell module (FRM)
  19. Instrument cluster
  20. Front distribution box

LIN-Bus - Local Interconnect Network bus
KI. 30B - Terminal 30 basic operation
KI. 58g - Terminal 58g
K-CAN2 - Body CAN2
PT-CAN - Powertrain CAN with mirror folding switch

K-CAN2 signals at footwell module


Exterior Rear View Mirrors

The instrument cluster (19) receives the value corresponding to the outside temperature from the outside temperature sensor (3) and makes it available via the PT-CAN. The footwell module (18) evaluates the KCAN2 signal and initiates activation of the outside mirror heating (5 and 17).

The mirror adjustment motors (9 and 13) are driven by the electronic mirror module. The electronic mirror module receives the request to adjust the outside mirrors via the LIN-bus. The outside mirrors are connected via the LIN-bus. All information such as the memory-position

or mirror functions, e.g. dip outside mirrors, is transferred via the LIN-bus. 8



    Overview The following outside mirror functions are possible depending on the vehicle equipment: Mirror adjustment in up/down and left/right directions Mirror heating Mirror fold-in Electrochrom

     System Components

    Overview The following components are installed in the F01/F02 for the purpose of operating the outside mirrors: Driver's door switch cluster with Outside mirror adjustment switch Outside mirro



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