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BMW 7 Series: Introduction

Multifunction Video Camera

With the F01/F02, the customer is able to choose from a comprehensive range of optional driver assistance systems.

The individual systems and function units are becoming ever more densely networked as a result of the shared use of components and signals in some areas.

Depending on the combination of the available options installed, the functions in the F01/F02 are implemented as camera-based systems, both sharing the same camera and the one control unit, the KAFAS control unit.

KAFAS is the Camera Assisted Driver Assistance System.

KAFAS is used for the following combined functions:

  • Lane departure warning
  • High-beam assistant.

KAFAS Camera
Fig. 99: Display Camera Assisted Driver Assistance System

FLA (high beam assistant) is part of the ZDA Driver Assistance Package option and will not be available separately on the F01/F02.

The ZDA Driver Assistance Package option includes the following:

  • High-beam Assistant
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Active Blind Spot Detection

The vehicle comes fitted with the KAFAS control unit and camera. The high-beam assistant option shares the KAFAS camera and the KAFAS control unit with the lane departure warning system.


KAFAS Camera

KAFAS Camera


     System Overview

    Lane Departure Warning and High-beam Assistant The overview below illustrates the components used in combining these systems. Fig. 100: System Overview Of KAFAS Components KAFAS COMPONENTS LEGENDS

     System Components

    Lane Departure Warning In the F01/F02, a front facing video camera and the corresponding button in the BEFAS control panel indicate that the vehicle is equipped with the lane departure warning. Fig.

     Functional Principal

    Lane Departure Warning The lane departure warning causes the steering wheel to vibrate to warn the driver that the vehicle is threatening to leave the current lane without driver intending it to do s


     Indicator/warning lights

    Concept Indicator/warning lights in the instrument cluster display the status of some functions in the vehicle and indicate when a malfunction is present in the monitored systems. General information The indicator/warning lights can light up in a variety of combinations and colors. Several of the

     Opening Adhesive Bonds

    1. Opening spot-weld bonds OPEN WELD SPOTS. WARNING: Extract vapors and gases. Use personal protective clothing/equipment. Heat connecting flange with a hot-air blower. Heat components to max. 250ºC object temperature. Release connection flange with chisel. Remove adhesive residue from connecti

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