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BMW 7 Series: Integral Active Steering


The Integral Active Steering increases the maneuverability and makes a more direct steering response possible.

General information

Integral Active Steering is a combination of variable steering ratio and rear axle steering.

The steering is more direct because the variable steering ratio amplifies the wheel angle while maneuvering. The rear axle steering acts to increase maneuverability at low speeds by turning the rear wheels slightly in the opposite direction to the front wheels.

At higher speeds, the rear wheels are turned in the same direction as the front wheels. This results in, for instance better directional stability and a more harmonious change of direction.

In critical driving situations, the Integral Active Steering can stabilize the vehicle through purposeful steering of the rear wheels before the driver intervenes, for instance in case of oversteering.


The system offers several different tunings.

Driving mode/  Integral Active Steering

COMFORT ECO PRO- Comfortable, for optimal travel comfort.

SPORT - Dynamic, for greater agility.

The different tunings are assigned to the different driving modes of the Driving Dynamics Control.

Additional information: Driving Dynamics Control

Using snow chains

In order to guarantee free running of the wheels when operating with snow chains, rear axle steering of the integral active steering must be switched off when snow chains are mounted.

Additional information: Rear axle steering during operation with snow chains


In the event of a malfunction, the steering wheel must be turned further at lower speeds, while the vehicle responds more sensitively to steering wheel movements in the higher speed range.

The stability-enhancing intervention may be deactivated.

Proceed cautiously and drive defensively.

Have the system checked by a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.


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