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BMW 7 Series: BMW Remote Software Upgrade- Search for and download of an upgrade

General information

There are various options to search for and download an upgrade:

  • Automatic.
  • Via iDrive.
  • Via BMW Connected app.

Automatic download

The available data for Remote Software Upgrade is automatically loaded into the vehicle. The download does not require an approval.

Via iDrive

  1. "CAR"
  2.  "Settings"
  3. "General settings"
  4.  "Remote Software Upgrade"
  5.  "Search for upgrades"
  6. Follow the instructions on the Control Display.

Via BMW Connected app

  1. Download the available upgrade to the smartphone in the BMW Connected app.
  2. Follow the instructions in the BMW Connected app.
  3.  Establish a simultaneous WiFi and Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the vehicle.

    The data transfer of the upgrade from the smartphone to the vehicle occurs only while driving.

  4.  Follow the instructions on the Control Display.

Install the upgrade immediately

General information

After successful download completion, installation is offered once the vehicle is parked. The installation can be carried out immediately following the download.º Follow the instructions on the Control Display.

After the successful completion of the upgrade, booked services, for example RTTI, will be reactivated automatically while driving.

Functional requirements

  • The battery is sufficiently charged.
  • The external temperature is above 14 ºF/-10 ºC.
  • Vehicle is parked in a horizontal position.
  • Hazard warning system is switched off.
  • Selector lever position P is engaged.
  • Engine is sufficiently cooled down.
  • Automatic engine start for stationary climate control is not activated via iDrive.

Preparing the vehicle

  • Park the vehicle safely away from the public road.
  • Cellular network reception must be ensured so that an error message can be sent, for instance if the installation is terminated.
  • Close the windows.
  • Close the glass sunroof.
  • Close the trunk lid.
  • Remove energy consuming devices, such as a mobile phone.
  • The vehicle key is in the vehicle at the start of the installation.
  • Switch off the exterior lighting.

Additional vehicle related functional requirements are shown on the Control Display.

Install the upgrade later

The installation of the upgrade can be carried out at a later time.

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Settings"
  3. "General settings"
  4. "Remote Software Upgrade"
  5. "Start upgrade now" Follow the instructions on the Control Display.

Functional limitations

During the upgrade, the majority of functions is temporarily unavailable, for instance:

  • Hazard warning system.
  • Central locking system.
  • Parking lights.
  • Horn.
  • Alarm system.
  • Emergency Request.
  • Power windows.
  • Glass sunroof.
  • Checking the fuel filler flap lock.

The driver's door can be locked and unlocked from the outside using the integrated key.


In the event of a malfunction, follow the instructions on the Control Display or in the BMW Connected app.

If the malfunction cannot be remedied, contact a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.


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