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BMW 7 Series: BMW display key- Display

General information

The display is divided into the upper status line, the information area, and the lower status line.

Upper status line

The upper status line displays the following information:

  • /
    Vehicle secured/vehicle
  • Set time in the vehicle.
  • Charge state of the display
    key battery.

Information area

The information area can be used to access information and perform additional functions.

If the information area contains more than one page, then page indicators are shown beneath the information.

A solid indicator denotes the
current page.

Swipe to the right or left with a finger to change between the pages.

If further information is available on a page, tap the appropriate symbol.

To return to the original page: tap
on the symbol beneath the display

Lower status line

The lower status line indicates whether or not the display key is within reception range.

  • "Connected": the display key is within reception range.
  • "Updated": the display key is not within reception range. It indicates when the last data transfer from the vehicle took place.

Switching on/off

The display will go out automatically after a brief period to conserve battery power.

To hide the display manually: Press the button on the left side of the display key.

To show the display:

  1. Press the button on the left side of the display key.
  2.  Then, swipe with your finger from bottom to top to unlock the screen lock.

To switch off the display to increase the usable battery life:

  1. If necessary, cancel the screen lock.
  2. Press and hold the button on the left side of the display key for longer than 4 seconds.
  3. "OK"

To switch the display on: Press the button on the left side of the display key.

Operating concept

Depending on the vehicle equipment, there are up to five main menus providing access to the sub-menus.

Main menu /Information/Function

"Security information"

  • Door status.

    Alarm system status.

    After alarm triggering: date, time, and reason for triggering the alarm.

  • Window status.

    Glass sunroof status.

"Vehicle information"

Maintenance indicators of Condition Based Service CBS.

Status of the roadside parking lights.

"Mobility info"

Range with available fuel.

"Preconditioning setting"

With parked-car heating: operate parked-car heating.

Without parked-car heating: operate parked-car ventilation.

Stationary climate control through Remote Engine Start.

"R/C parking"

Remote Control Parking


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