BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Introduction

Windscreen Wipers

The F01/F02 has a wiper/washer system for the windscreen as standard.

Windscreen wiping has the following functions:

  • Continuous wipe in stage 1
  • Continuous wipe in stage 2
  • Flick wipe.

The following systems are also available:

  • Headlight washer system
  • Water jet heater
  • Automatic mode using the rain/light/solar/condensation sensor.

The wiper motor for the wiper/washer system is connected via a LIN bus.

Wiper/washer System
Fig. 76: Identifying Wiper Motor For Wiper/Washer System

Rain/lights/solar/condensation Sensor

The rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor is the same as the rain/driving lights/solar sensor, but has been enhanced with the condensation sensor function. The functionality of the rain sensor, the driving lights sensor and the solar sensor have been retained in full. This means, for example, that the driver is still assisted by the rain sensor automatically initiating the procedure for switching on the windscreen wipers.

The automatic wiping does not relieve the customer from the responsibility of wiping the windscreen. For this reason, the customer can override the automatic wiping function at any time by moving the wiper switch on the steering column stalk up or down or pulling it towards him.

The driving lights sensor supplies the on and off signal for the automatic driving lights control function.

Wiper/washer System
Fig. 77: Identifying Rain/Lights/Solar Sensor

Wiper/washer System
Fig. 78: Identifying Condensation Sensor


  1. Rain/light/solar sensor (not F01)


  1. Rain/light/solar sensor
  2. Sensor for HUD
  3. Condensation sensor

Under unfavorable light conditions such twilight or when driving through a tunnel, the ON signal ensures the driving lights are switched on automatically.

The solar sensor makes sure the automatic climate control system provides optimum air conditioning distribution in the vehicle.

The condensation sensor allows the integrated automatic heating/air-conditioning system to detect when condensation is forming on the windscreen in good time, even before the driver is aware of it. Countermeasures can be taken automatically at an early stage, without the need for driver intervention.


     System Overview

    Fig. 79: Rain/Lights/Solar/Condensation Sensor System Overview COMPONENTS DESCRIPTION CHART Front wiper motor with wiper Outside temperature sensor Heated washer jet 3x (1) Headlight washer syst


    Wiping The wiper/washer system is switched on and off with the wiper switch. The wiper switch is an integral part of the steering column switch cluster SZL. Wiper Switch The wiper switch on the steer

     Wash Functions

    When the wiper switch on the steering column stalk is pulled, the washer fluid pump is first switched on, followed by the windscreen wiper. The washer fluid pump remains switched on for as long as t


     Slide/Tilt Sunroof And Convertible Top

    FITTING AID Fitting aid MW SI number 01 13 10 (652) Fig. 1: Identifying Fitting Aid (540250) PIN Pin MW Note: (Centering pins) Contents 2 pieces. For installing (centering) glass slide/tilt sunroof. Storage Location C18 SI number 01 15 06 (281) Fig. 2: Identifying Pin (541110) TOOL Tool MW Note:

     Functional Areas of Integrated Active Steering

    Low Speed Range The variable steering-gear ratio of the Active Steering component reduces steering effort to approximately 2 turns of the steering wheel from lock to lock. In the low speed range up to approximately 37 mph, the variable steering-gear ratio for the front wheels is combined with a de

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