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BMW 7 Series: Wiper Switch on the Steering Column Stalk

The wiper switch on the steering column stalk with the following functions is located in the steering column switch cluster:

  • Intermittent wipe
  • Wipe in stages 1 and 2
  • Windscreen washer
  • Headlight washer
  • Switch for the rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor
  • Indicator for activated rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor.

The wiper switch has sliding contacts that are located on the circuit board for the steering column switch cluster. The switch functions are realized by means of these sliding contacts.

The interval switch is a four-stage switch. Each stage produces different input values in the steering column switch cluster. The input values are evaluated for setting the sensitivity of the rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor or the intermittent wipe stage.

The button for the rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor is designed as an ground-switching button. It is required for switching on the rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor. The LED is illuminated when the rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor is activated.

Wiper/washer System
Fig. 84: Identifying Wiper Switch On Steering Column Stalk


  1. Wiper switch on the steering column stalk
  2. Wiper-stage switch for sensitivity of the rain sensor/intermittent wipe stage
  3. Rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor LED
  4. Rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor button

Function matrix for the wiper/washer system steering column stalk


Wiper/washer System

Wiper/washer System

Function matrix of the steering column stalk for the wiper/washer system with automatic wiping by the rain/lights/solar/condensation sensor


Wiper/washer System

Wiper/washer System


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